OTOC’s “Congress & OPPD Accountability Session” Update

Omaha Together One Community News 

The packed crowd of OTOC and community leaders sought commitments from OPPD Board members on four topics:

  1. Taking leadership in the community to increase charging stations for electric vehicles by 100 over next 3 years
  2. Directing staff to work with community groups and investors who want to establish community solar projects
  3. Reducing or reversing the 2015 increase ($10.25 per month to $30 per month) of the basic service charge
  4. Supporting the newly-proposed SD7 that sets a goal to reduce carbon emissions to a level 20% below 2010 levels by 2030.

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The Accountability Session with Candidates for US Congress followed, and OTOC leaders asked for commitments on the following topics from Rep. Don Bacon and Candidate Kara Eastman:

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Photo Credit: Omaha Together One Community