Recognizing Women in Green Energy on International Women’s Day

The Solar Foundation’s latest National Solar Jobs Census shows there were 250,271 solar workers in the United States as of 2017. Women made up 27% of the solar workforce last year. That number is expected to grow in 2018, thanks in no small part to national networks furthering greater diversity in the clean energy workforce and advancing the roles of women who are growing the clean energy economy while protecting the environment where they live and work. These networks provide educational opportunities and resources, not only for women currently employed in clean energy professions but also for girls who are considering or pursuing a career in green energy.

International Women’s Day provides an excellent opportunity to recognize and to learn more about the women employed in solar and wind energy, energy efficiency and other clean energy jobs. Below are four professional networks and several websites for girls that provide a wealth of information.

Photo Credit: Women in Solar Energy (WISE)

Professional Networks

Websites to explore with your daughters or granddaughters:

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Happy International Women’s Day!