Mayor Beutler sending environmental plan to council for approval

By Nancy Hicks, Lincoln Journal Star

The City Council will hold a public hearing on the proposed plan at its Dec. 18 meeting and is expected to vote that evening . . . The final draft incorporates suggestions from the public, including streamlining the permitting and review for solar energy facilities, a more comprehensive strategy for protecting green space, and increased support for electric vehicles, transit and biking. Read more here.

Photo: Solar panels fill the roof space at the former Meadow Gold buildings at Seventh and M streets. Credit: Gwyneth Roberts, Lincoln Journal Star

Lincoln Environmental Action Plan (LEAP)

Energy Strategies
#1 Convert to LED street lights.
#2 Improve energy efficiency in City of Lincoln municipal buildings.
#3 Reduce non-renewable fuel usage in the City fleet operations by 50% by 2030.
#4 Improve energy efficiency of Lincoln’s new homes and buildings
#5 Expand Lincoln’s potential for solar energy growth.

Two Specific Goals & Why Implement Them:

  • By March of 2018 obtain a “gold” designation in the Department of Energy’s SOLSMART program, which measures whether City policy and processes are solar friendly for residents and businesses that seek to start solar projects. Lincoln currently has a “bronze” designation.
  • Continue also to evaluate and implement solar energy projects at municipal facilities where economically viable.
  • Lowering the costs of solar installations by streamlining permitting and review processes will encourage broader residential and commercial utilization of this renewable energy source.
  • Implementing solar projects at municipal facilities will increase the City’s energy resilience, lower costs, contribute to attainment of renewable energy goals and enhance public perceptions of this renewable technology.