Save the Date & Plan to Attend the Next Meeting of the “Solar Group Buy Initiative: Creating a Model for Nebraska Communities”

Many thanks to everyone who attended last night’s first-ever-in-Nebraska solar group buy roundtable discussion at UNO’s Community Engagement Center.

Solar enthusiasts, ambassadors, installers and other solar experts attended the meeting and contributed information and ideas towards creating a model program for the greater-Omaha area and other Nebraska communities.

The discussion and one-on-one conversations after the meeting generated the following presentation / discussion topics for our next meeting to be held on November 8th — same place, same time: UNO’s Community Engagement Center from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Please join us and help to create a solar group buy model for Nebraska!

Proposed Topics for the November 8th Solar Group Buy Meeting – So Far 

  • Before Going Solar: A DIY Checklist. This will be available on our calendar before our next meeting.
  • Ways to shrink the size of a solar PV system that’s needed through energy efficiency and conservation steps: Presentation by one or more energy-efficiency experts.
  • Steps to Going Solar – Presentations & Discussion:
    Conventional PV installation versus an Installation using the ConnectDER (which OPPD has approved).
    Solar PV Systems: What are the components that make up a PV system and the functions of each.
    What to look for in solar panels, inverters, power optimizers and other components.
    Warranties for labor and equipment.
    The solar permit and other paperwork. We’ll have a copy of the permit and how much it costs at the meeting.
  • Group purchase of solar PV systems.
  • Additional discussion on group buy discounts as a proven means of increasing the sheer number of installations in communities, why they make sense, and how installers and group buy participants can collaborate to benefit all. (More projects = increased community interest. Increased community interest = more projects. In other words, people have a tendency to do what they see their neighbors doing).
  • Energy storage options with or without the ConnectDER.
  • Additional discussion of installation location options.
  • Additional discussion of all available incentives for businesses and homeowners. Check them out before our next meeting here: Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) – Nebraska
  • How schools and other nonprofits, which don’t qualify for the 30% federal Investment Tax Incentive (ITC), benefit from solar group buys.
  • Ways to Finance a Solar System: A list of Nebraska banks and other agencies that offer financing for solar systems and information about each one will be available at the meeting. 

To add more topics to the above list and / or to share resources and information links on the ones currently proposed, please email them to Helen Deffenbacher: 

If you would like to use the PowerPoint slides and handouts from last night’s meeting to start a Solar Group Buy in your community, please contact Helen at the above address, and she will email them to you.