Going green: Kearney on renewable energy map

Kearney Hub Opinion

How the new 5.8-megawatt community solar project will benefit Kearney:

First, residents and commercial consumers will be able to buy the solar energy, if powering their homes and businesses with green power is important to them. Second, and perhaps more important, the project will serve as a giant billboard for Kearney’s Tech oNE Crossing to aid in recruiting technology firms to the city’s tech park. Kearney lost the bid a few years ago for a $1 billion Facebook data center not because we offered sharply reduced electrical rates for the power-gobbling data center, but because the winning bid from Iowa included renewable wind energy. With an $11 million solar array in the works, Kearney is now a player in the technology recruitment game. Third, the city, school district, county and other taxing entities will get a bump in their tax draws as the solar array and new tech firms fill the Tech oNE park.
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Photo: Downtown Kearney. Credit: Nebraska Business First

Facebook is one of 65 signatories to the Corporate Renewable Energy Buyers’ Principles.

Corporate Renewable Strategy Map

Corporate Buyers’ Principles signatories need to buy nearly 44 million megawatt hours of renewable energy across the US by 2020. States that offer products can compete for this economic development and these companies more effectively. The Corporate Renewable Strategy Map shows where large energy buyers can access the renewable energy they want at the scale they need.

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