Senator Ken Haar Introduces LB1071 – The Solar Energy Economic Development Act & Additional Energy-Related Bills

Ken Haar



On January 20th Senator Ken Haar (District 21) introduced legislation related to protecting the public, supporting the environment and promoting clean energy. Senator Haar’s Legislative Aide, Ken Winston provides the following brief synopses of the four legislative bills:


LB1068 – Adopt t
he Electric Customer Protection Act and provide duties for the Public Service Commission
Would require the Public Service Commission to review electric rate increases that exceed 2 percent. It would also create a customer advocate position.

LB1069 – Provide duties for the state investment officer relating to investment in energy-related companies or funds
Would require the State Investment Officer to determine the amount of money invested in clean energy and the amount invested in fossil fuels and begin the process of divesting from fossil fuels and investing in clean energy.

LB1070 – Change powers and duties of the Nebraska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to require liability insurance and restrict permits as prescribed
Would require $1 million in liability insurance for injection wells and $5 million in liability insurance for commercial disposal facilities that dispose of more than 500 barrels per day. It would also prohibit injection wells in an area in which the drinking water aquifer begins less than 50 feet below the surface or extends more than 100 feet deep.

LB1071 – Adopt The Solar Energy Economic Development Act 
Would authorize community solar projects and provide a process for incentive grants for solar projects that would be administered by the Nebraska Energy Office.